What is a doula? 

A doula is a support person during labor. We are not there to replace your partner, but add extra support to you and your partner. We are there to advocate for you and help your birth go smoothly with our education and training. We have ways to help with natural pain relief, make sure you are in control of your birth and the way you want it to go. We are there to support you emotionally, with birth affirmations, love and make sure you are respected and heard for your birth. 

Why hire me as your doula? 

Being invited into the birth space is an honor. It is a privilege for a family, mother to want you in her space. I am there to love and support you with your labor and birth, any way that you need. Support looks different for everyone. Some want acupressure during the sensations and waves of labor. Some want a quiet space, some want affirmations and kind words. I am there to make you feel like a birthing goddess who is strong, powerful and capable of birthing your babe. I will be there and support you however you feel comfortable. I will educate you through your choices during labor and birth. I will make sure you are heard and your birth professionals are doing everything with you with consent and love. Your birth matters, you matter. Let me make your birth run smoother and support you and your family. Supporting and education mothers is my passion. Helping you have the birth you choose with facts to go behind each of your decisions. You are in control of your birth and I want to help you with that. 

I am also certified with the VBAC Link for the Advanced Doula Certification course. So I am here to support mothers who choose to VBAC and back them up with evidence based information. 

What do I do at your birth?

Early Labor: Text/phone support, reassurance, and if you feel you want me there, I will be there. 

Active labor: This is the time I typically arrive when contractions are getting more intense and you feel you need my support. It varies between people, some want me there earlier, or not until later in their birth, and that is 100% okay, just keep in mind that births can happen quickly, and unexpectedly. 

Throughout the rest of your labor I will be there supporting you with different massage, acupressure, and words of encouragement, advocacy and cheering you on. I am there to support each and every one of your decisions for YOUR birth. I am also there to provide some support to your partner in the ups and downs of birth and reassure them that everything is going to be okay! 

Doula Package Details 

When we first get in contact I schedule a consultation for us to meet and make sure I am the right fit for you and your family.

If I am, then we go over your birth plan, feelings around your birth and your concerns, questions, etc. 

I like to meet at least twice before your due date so we can get to know each other more and can potentially meet your partner if that is what you wish. 

When your labor starts, just let me know and I can discuss your feelings/concerns.

Usually I arrive at the birth when you feel you need my support, which differs for everyone. When active labor starts and the contractions are closer together and getting intense is usually when I arrive. But I can also come if you feel you need some help getting contractions started after your water has been broken for a while.

Throughout your birth I am there to physically and emotionally support you by getting you in different positions, using some rebozo techniques, acupressure, and helping you breathe through your contractions. Reassuring you and your partner that everything is okay. Involving your partner in the process more if they are nervous and unsure of how to help. I advocate for you, making sure you are aware of what is happening to your body and reminding you of the choices you have. 
I stay through your labor and birth and help with getting breastfeeding established and whatever else you are needing. 

I usually like to do a postpartum visit whenever you are feeling comfortable. We go over your feelings surrounding your birth, how you are recovering and if baby is feeding well. If there are breastfeeding issues, I can help troubleshoot and recommend some great lactation consultants/chiropractors or pediatric dentists if baby has signs of tongue/lip tie. I can snuggle your baby while you shower and I can get some things done around the house for you. 

Doula care looks different for everyone and that's okay. I am there to support you and your family through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

I also go between photographing & doula if hired for both!