Lactation Counselor in Training

I am currently enrolled in the Certified Lactation Counselor training with Childbirth International! I will be providing breastfeeding support for all families from birth to extended breastfeeding. Soon I will be able to implement my training with my clients. I also plan to get some breastfeeding classes going in the near future! 

Being a lactation counselor I am able to:

  • Educate, counsel & support families. 

  • Teach breastfeeding classes. 

  • Assess breastfeeding struggles to help troubleshoot and refer to other professionals if needed. 

  • Maintain conditions to make sure the mother and baby have the best chance possible for their breastfeeding journey through support, education and counseling. 

  • Advocate for breastfeeding management programs for mothers to facilitate the best health outcomes. 

  • Provide support for families with their struggles and needs . 

  • Identify and advocate for public health strategies that serve to protect breastfeeding. 

  • Assists mothers with successfully breastfeeding exclusively and for longer durations.