Meeting Jordyn and talking with her was very comfortable and overall a good experience. She photographed the birth of my first son and did a great job! When my labor got moving pretty quickly she jumped right into the moment and didn’t miss a beat. Jordyn did well at keeping an open line of communication and has been very accommodating throughout. 

Thank you, Jordyn! I will cherish these photos for the rest of my days.

Angel B. February 2nd 2019

Jordyn photographed my home birth and she was such a positive energy in my birth space. She really captured the emotions and imagery of my daughter's birth. I will treasure her photos forever. She did a fantastic job and I highly recommend her!

Melissa M - December 26th 2019

I have not got pictures from Jordyn but I have had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her photograph my beautiful friends birth. Even when things seemed like they would be stressful she stayed calm and a support not just to my friend giving birth but she became a wonderful support to the whole birthing team instantly while still managing to get the most breath taking photos ive ever seen. 

Amanda D. December 23rd 2019. 

Jordyn is not only an amazing photographer, but a wonderful woman who is so supportive and part of your birth team. I am ever so grateful that Jordyn was with me during my birth. She captured the moments of the arrival of my third son, the joy of the whole family, and all the small pieces I may have missed if not for her presence. Jordyn was compassionate and supportive, encouraging me just the right amount. She mingled wonderfully with my spouse, family, midwives etc... as if we had been life long friends. I really can’t praise her enough. But I can say that you will not be disappointed in her services, products and companionship.

Heather J. November 23rd 2019 

I can not say enough about Jordyn and her knowledge about all things birth! We originally wanted her for our birth photos and ended up not only getting those photos done but maternity and newborn photos as well. We are so happy with all our photos but especially for our birth photos. Those pictures are moments we can never relive, so to have them is very special to us. 
We also had her as my Doula and we will forever be grateful for her. Jordyn is so knowledgeable when it comes to all things birth! She tried different things to help get my contractions going when they were slowing down. She was reassuring and comforting the whole time and her calm energy was so comforting during my labour. She did things to help relieve some of the pressure during my contractions and kept reminding me how strong and capable my body is. She was always available and helpful not only during but before and continues to support me after the birth of our little girl. 
My husband and I keep saying how we couldn’t imagine our birth story with Jordyn in it. 
Thank you! :)