The maternal healthcare system is so broken. The maternal mortality rate is so high right now due to healthcare professionals being overworked. The system needs more doulas advocating and supporting the birthing persons choices. 

I want to be your person. To support, care and advocate. To speak up for you and your rights as a patient. I want what's best for you, your baby and your family. I believe your body and you are capable, strong and incredible.

I am also enrolled in Childbirth International to be a lactation counselor. This means I have extra training in breastfeeding so I can help support your journey through breastfeeding as well. 

Stay tuned for some more upcoming information about that! 


I am a stay at home mom of my 19 month old daughter, Ellie. I am getting married in July 2020 to the love of my life and we plan on having another child in the near future. 

If you are looking for a goofy, loving and personable doula and photographer, I;m your girl. I love the relationships built from this work and supporting families. 


With my first birth, I knew nothing, just went along with what the norm for labor was. I was determined to be educated on birth and I started my photography. I am currently enrolled in the certified doula course through birth arts international. I am so passionate about providing women with support, love and advocacy. As well as capturing their babies first breath. All the emotions in the photos definitely speak for themselves. It is so beautiful and an honor to be invited into the birthing room. I will be getting my breastfeeding educator certification and childbirth educator certification as well. 

I want to be there and educate, support and love all women who need and want it. I am not there to replace your partner but add to the support of both you and your partner. I want everyone to be informed with unbiased information so they know their options during pregnancy, labor and birth. It is important. You are important. Your birth is important.